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Recent weather conditions for Algonac showed that it was scattered clouds, with a high of 33 degrees and a low of 27.78 degrees. Wind was at 5.1km from the South. The sun will rise at 05:08 EST and set at 20:04 EST.

Linda's Lighthouse Inn

Listed under Algonac Bed and Breakfasts, located approximately 3.45km away.

Originally built by the Ollie family prior to 1910, the Lighthouse Inn's unique history includes a speakeasy nestled in it's basement during prohibition. The alcohol consumed by it's patrons was brought in illegally from across the North Channel of the St. Clair River. Bootleggers secretly awaited in the reeds off Dickinson Island until signaled, via lights from the upstairs balcony, that the channel was free from law enforcement boats. The Canadian liquor was then brought to the boathouse at ..... [ More details ]

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Colony Motel

Listed under Algonac Motels, located approximately 4.45km away.

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Riverview Campground & Marina Llc

Listed under Algonac Campsites, located approximately 3.07km away.

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